• Your insurance company will choose where you have your vehicle repaired, not true. While they may suggest where you take your vehicle; they cannot tell you to use a specific repair facility.  Ultimately the decision is yours. Any insurance company and any professional body shop, like Newport, must negotiate in good faith to arrive at a fair price for complete repairs.   By working together we can ensure that the customers’ expectations will be met or even surpassed.
  • The dealer is the only shop that can restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition......This is not necessarily true.  While you may want OEM parts used wherever possible the dealer is not the only one that can use them.  More common, however, is the use of aftermarket or used parts.  OEM parts will be used if that is the only option available or if it expressly outlined in your insurance policy.   
  • The repaired areas will clearly be visible because of the new paint...... Not so.  Newport works very hard to restore your car flawlessly.  When only a portion of the car is painted, blending into the adjoining areas may be necessary.  To the untrained eye this will not be noticeable.   We work directly with the paint supplier to make sure the colour is as close to perfect as possible each and every time, even if it means creating a custom product.
  • If you go to any shop other than the one recommended by your insurance company, the repair will not be guaranteed......There is a common misconception that your insurance company is the one to warranty the repair when in fact it is the repair facility.  Newport Collision offers a lifetime warranty on any repairs we make for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • After an accident your car will never be the same......Another untruth.  Newport Collision prides ourselves on repairing a vehicle so that no one knows a collision ever happened.  Thanks to advanced repair techniques, trained technicians, modern equipment and a paint process that matches perfectly, we can return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.


I did not look forward to dealing with an auto body shop. I had visions of a dirty environment and condescending staff who really couldn't be bothered in fully explaining the process of the repair, Newport Collision Services proved me wrong. From the moment I walked in the door until I picked up my repaired vehicle, I was totally impressed. The shop was unbelievably clean, Mr. Odorico was patient and politely explained what would happen and when. The staff were also very customer service oriented. I wholeheartedly recommend Newport - without question.

Joanne S., St. Catharines