Service Procedure

Newport is a direct repair shop for many Insurance companies.  By being part of their DRP (Direct Repair Program) we will do the estimate on site and send that along with on-line pictures directly to your insurance company.  This allows us to begin your repair almost immediately.  However, all repairs are not equal and there is a procedure that must be followed each time we accept a repair.


The Estimate:   The vehicle is inspected and all relevant data is compiled and entered into our computer system where an estimate is created.  This determines the cost of the repair and the amount of time required.  However, there can often be hidden damage which can only be addressed once the vehicle has been disassembled.


Approval:  Once the estimate is complete, the insurance company or the individual paying can review the estimate and make a decision.  Upon approval, the repair can then move to the next stage.


Disassembly:  After the car is taken apart this is when hidden damage becomes apparent.  Additional communication with either the insurance company or the owner must now take place and extra costs and parts will be determined and approved again.


Order Parts:  All necessary parts needed for your repair will be checked for availability and ordered.


Structural Repair:  This is the where, if needed, your car will be returned back to factory specifications.  Our technicians using a sophisticated measuring system will be able to assure an accurate repair going forward.


Body Repair:  All panels will be repaired and/or and all metal finishes will be taken care of at this stage.  As these parts are installed and aligned the vehicle starts to take shape again.


Paint Shop:  Here is where all the panels will be prepared for paint, they will primed and sealed to ensure the perfect finish when the final top color and clear coat are applied.  With our Axalta Coating Systems Cromax Pro and Down Draft Spray Booth the finish will be impeccable.


Reassembly:  Final mouldings, detail pieces and logos are all put back on the vehicle.  All systems will be checked at this stage and the vehicle is almost ready for delivery.


Detailing:  During the repair process dust accumulates so the vehicle will be cleaned inside and out.  A final inspection will determine that your vehicle is ready to be returned in pre-accident condition.


Delivery:  This is the last step, and the most rewarding.  When the customer arrives all repairs are explained and the final paperwork is completed.  Customer satisfaction is the truest test of our efforts.

I did not look forward to dealing with an auto body shop. I had visions of a dirty environment and condescending staff who really couldn't be bothered in fully explaining the process of the repair, Newport Collision Services proved me wrong. From the moment I walked in the door until I picked up my repaired vehicle, I was totally impressed. The shop was unbelievably clean, Mr. Odorico was patient and politely explained what would happen and when. The staff were also very customer service oriented. I wholeheartedly recommend Newport - without question.

Joanne S., St. Catharines