QuestionWhat do I do if I’ve just been in an accident?

The first thing to do is make sure everyone is ok. Call an ambulance immediately if someone is in need of medical attention.  Try to document everything, weather, driving conditions, make  and model and licence plate/s of the other vehicle/s involved.  Take the Insurance information from the other driver/s and names and phone numbers of any witnesses/passengers. Take pictures of the damage and location of the accident.  Try to take note of everything while it’s still fresh in your memory or while you are still on scene.

Do not leave the scene, you could be criminally prosecuted.

QuestionDo I need to call the police and report the accident?

It’s always a good idea to give the police a call, explain the situation and they will best know how to guide you.  They may not need to come out to the scene but may direct you to a Collision Reporting Centre, which you must go to within 24 hours to get a complete police report.

Do not assume liability to anyone, not even the police.  Just stick to the facts and remain as calm as possible. 

QuestionWho do I call for a tow?

We work directly with a few reputable and authorized towing companies in the area.  You can call Newport 24/7 and we can have your vehicle towed directly to our shop for you 905-984-3368 

QuestionAre your estimates free and how long does the process take?

Newport Collision offers free, computerized estimates.  You can bring your car to us when it’s convenient for you, no appointment necessary.  The process only takes 5-10 minutes and you will be provided with your own copy of the estimate.  Either Eddy or Josh will then walk you through the repair process and let you know exactly what we would be doing to your vehicle.

QuestionDo I have to go to the dealership for estimate/repairs?

No, not all dealerships have in-house body shop facilities.  When ordering OEM parts for certain repairs we will, however, be in direct contact with the dealership.  Have no fear, we will return your vehicle to showroom condition.

QuestionHow do I choose a body shop?

It’s like anything else really; word of mouth is always a great starting point.  If family, friends or even acquaintances have used Newport and were happy with our results, drop by for your free estimate.  Eddy or Josh will give you all of the information you need to know about your repair.  You will leave the shop confident that your repair will be completely and professionally looked after by Newport.

QuestionDo I have to have my car repaired where the insurance adjuster/company prefers me to?

Absolutely not!  It is your choice where your vehicle is repaired.  Newport is a direct repair shop for many insurance companies and does not necessarily have to be on their “list” to repair your vehicle.  As the owner you get to make the final decision but as a reputable body shop we will work with any and all insurance companies to ensure a quality repair.

QuestionWhen can I get my vehicle booked in for repairs?

We always like to say “Right away” but must assess each repair individually.  Is the car safe for you to drive in its present condition and how far away are all the parts?  Eddy and Josh will be finding out the availability of parts at the same time as they are writing up the estimate so at the end of that process they should be able to give you a date when drop off works for you.  We like to ensure the repair process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

QuestionAre the replacement parts going to be original factory parts?

OEM, used or aftermarket parts will be used to repair your vehicle.  OEM parts may be used if you have that particular endorsement in your policy or if there are no other parts available.   If you are going through insurance or not, Original Equipment Manufactured parts can be used but will be at a greater cost to you and that is ultimately your choice.

QuestionIs the paint going to match?

Absolutely!  We use the most up to date, environmentally friendly products that provide the equivalent to factory level finishes.

Here are a few words from our supplier......

“Axalta’s refinish systems are designed to enable refinish shops to make vehicles look like new. With an array of paint colors and tints, color matching technologies and customer support, Axalta products and services are available around the world to help refinish technicians achieve results that meets approval from their customer each and every time. Our refinish products – primers and undercoats, basecoats, and clearcoats - are formulated to meet the needs of body shops operating in different climates and coating different substrates such as metal, plastic, and the newest composite materials. Latest generation waterborne coatings are formulated to meet the stringent environmental standards while providing better hiding with fewer coats than conventional products.”

QuestionHow long will the repair take?

Unfortunately no repair is the same.  Repair time is going to vary depending on the extent of the damage and the availability of parts.  At the time of the estimate, Eddy or Josh should be able to give you a good idea of how long we will need your vehicle for but we will never compromise on quality.

QuestionAm I entitled to a rental?

Definitely!  If you have a valid insurance claim a valid driver’s licence, are 21 yrs or older and your collision insurance premiums are up to date you should be entitled to a rental. You will be required to leave a credit card number to secure the rental.

QuestionDo you supply rental cars?

There are a few different rental companies that we work with and we will take care of that aspect of the repair process for you.  They will meet you here at the shop when you drop off your vehicle and when your repair is complete you need to take the rental back to them and they will drop you off here.

QuestionWhy are there differences in estimate totals?

Differences in repair estimates are common.  Please do not hesitate to ask us and we will try to go through any other estimate/s and explain why.

QuestionDo I have to get more than one estimate?

No.  You only need one estimate.  The Insurance Company may send an independent appraiser just for a 2nd opinion but we will work with them to handle your repair professionally and seamlessly.

QuestionIf I make a claim, will it affect my premium?

There are many variables that could occur here.  Theft, vandalism, fire, glass and collisions that are not your fault, should not affect your renewal premium.  Most insurance companies will allow you one “at-fault” claim, after that any accidents deemed your fault will increase your premium. 

QuestionHow do I start a claim?

Call your Insurance Broker or your insurance company, directly.  All of the required information appears on the slip your insurance company provides you with. The broker or adjuster will be asking a lot of questions about what happened, just stay calm and stick to the facts.  At this point your claim should have been opened and they can give you your claim number for all future correspondence and/or phone calls.

QuestionHow will the accident affect my manufacturer warranty?

It’s always a concern, but an accident and subsequent repairs should not affect your warranty.  If the qualifying components were not directly affected in the damage/repair then the warranty stands. 

QuestionWill you provide me with a warranty?

Yes!  We will provide you with our Guarantee of Excellence.  Newport offers a modern lifetime warranty on all collision repairs that meet and exceed insurance industry standards.  The guarantee extends to the customer named for as long as the vehicle is in their possession and is non-transferrable.

QuestionWhat happens if my car is a total loss?

Total loss refers to a vehicle that has been damaged so severely that it cannot be repaired safely or the repairs will exceed the value of the vehicle itself.  In this case your insurance company will determine how much your car was worth before the accident.  They will take into consideration such things as the mileage, condition of the vehicle and any extra work that you have done or money that you have put into the car to increase the resale value.  Your insurance company will offer you a cash settlement with which you are expected to buy a replacement vehicle.


I did not look forward to dealing with an auto body shop. I had visions of a dirty environment and condescending staff who really couldn't be bothered in fully explaining the process of the repair, Newport Collision Services proved me wrong. From the moment I walked in the door until I picked up my repaired vehicle, I was totally impressed. The shop was unbelievably clean, Mr. Odorico was patient and politely explained what would happen and when. The staff were also very customer service oriented. I wholeheartedly recommend Newport - without question.

Joanne S., St. Catharines